Dust Braker safely removes brake dust for all rims while providing a fantastic shine!

Finding a rim cleaner and brake dust remover that really works as advertised was difficult if not impossible to find.

Now there is Dust Braker that works so well that if you owned your own auto supply store and could use any rim cleaner on the market for free, you would no doubt select Dust Braker. Why? because it just works. As proof our local Napa Auto Supply Store owner uses Dust Braker. Simply because despite all the hype and promises of the other products, Dust Braker delivers, as a rim cleaner and brake dust cleaner, it is unsurpassed.

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Get Dust Braker, Wonder Clean (a superior windshield and auto interior cleaner) and the Mycropure Microfiber Towel all at a special price.

Protect the value of your vehicle — Protect your family — Protect the environment

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